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Success in Entrepreneurship with Andy Audate

October 16, 2020

“I hate Average” In this video Andy Talks about Average on how it Duplicate or Replicate  other people's mindset, ideology and behavior. As we grow older we evolve and we choose the way where we evolve. It's all about Overcoming the  sense of being like everyone else and doing as you please for your life. 

He states that when he was 10 years old he realized that entrepreneurship started actually the book of his life is being a business owner or finding a means to an end. It shows him what's possible. So he made a decision that is the life he wants to live. 

Andy Explains that when becoming an entrepreneur you must find your “Why”. So you're gonna find your why, It’s to discover something that actually drives and pushes you and using it as leverage to be able to put yourself in a super human strength, a superhuman mindset, a superhuman experience of life. Whatever your going towards the level of success you desire to make something different to yourself you gonna find the why or make one up and truly believe in it. 

In this video Andy explains that the solution is a Marketing system that he falls but a relationship can definitely help propel you. First is You do need MMS which is a Money Making System.   Second is Relationships are something that can actually propel you. Relationships with God are the most powerful thing. That pushes him because it kinda like that confidence that he can’t really be touched, he can’t really be touched, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. 

The belief he could live is the Fear is a direction like when you're nervous about something that's what you're gonna do. Fear is not something that he wanna run away from, Fear sometimes is supposed to go towards specially when it comes down  to like your living a dream or going towards the version of yourself.      



You will learn: 

  • Average
  • Connections
  • Relationships
  • Determine your Why
  • MMS or the Money Marketing System
  • Giving Value


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