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How to Identify your purpose and walk your way to success

June 4, 2020

In this episode of The Progression Show Andy Audate interviews Lotus Riche’ of Lotus Riche’ Ignites Coaching who just attended The Brand Marketing Summit in Los Angeles. Lotus talks about her life before being a successful Coach and Speaker. How she was able to embrace her full potential and build her brand in the United States. 

Lotus shares about the trauma she experienced when a couple of her co-workers who were her friends died due to suicide and how she experienced her dark days in Japan that lead her to walk her life’s purpose and empower people. It was then that she could identify herself  with them from the experience.

It took her story to become other people’s inspiration. From being told that you are in the dead-end and that you’re never gonna walk again to someone who’s now running because of her empowerment.

Finally Lotus talks about what she does for people in her business “Lotus Riche’ Ignites Coaching” and how she is not only moving people but also businesses. 

You will learn:

  • How your challenges can become other people’s hope
  • That when we begin to walk our purpose it not only our lives we save 
  • How rejections can give you more time to build your next success story
  • Changing your mindset can change your life’s direction completely


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