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How to Find Your Why and Knowing What You Want

June 2, 2020

How to arrive at a vision? Andy asks Hannah about her experiences starting up.

In this video, Hannah shares Andy's days when she was starting to figure out what she wants. She narrated how she started having visions and what she experienced as she dives into those jobs to figure out if it's right for her. Because of these experiences, she discovered the importance of knowing what you want and from there building your vision. Successful people are her inspiration and model as she starts to build her own company. Having a mentor is also one of the reasons for her successes as she consults and asks advice from people who are more advanced in the race than her. 

Now, she was able to build her own business and handles more than 300 employees. Her vision is to help more people be successful by mentoring them and helping them realize their whys.



You will learn:

  • How to be successful
  • About finding your why
  • How to come up with your vision
  • About the mindset in order to be successful
  • How to build your own business


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